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Georgia provides 4000 books for Summer Reading

McLendon E-Library Never Closes

While our building library is closed in the evenings, on weekends and school holidays, our eLibrary is open 24/7 and has over 560 books for our students to read. 

We have 567 books in our Capstone eBook Collection, and almost all of them are Accelerated Reader titles. The Capstone APP is very user friendly and up to 20 titles can be downloaded and used without needing Internet access. Available for free from the Apple store or the Google Play store.

Follett Destiny & Follett Destiny Discover: to check your account and see which books are checked out and to access 130 of our eBook titles, most of which are also found in the Capstone collection.

Go to . Select McLendon and then the Home tab. Click on the login tab on the upper right-hand side and enter the user name and mydestiny as the password. On the left-hand side, click on Destiny Discover and you can search for eBooks and either read them online or download them to a device. You can get the Discover Destiny app from either the Apple store or Google Play. There is no charge for the app.

Students: User name: S + 7 digit AR number (no spaces) PW: mydestiny

Most student numbers begin with 90 or 91. If your child has been in the school 3 years or less, it usually is 91. If they have been in Dekalb County schools longer than that, it may begin with 90. After the 90 or 91, the next five numbers are used as the student’s lunch number.

Launchpad: The county has given us access to many premium websites. Students can login at home by going to and scroll down to the rocket ship and click on it to get to the login screen. This page will ask for the user id# and the password. The home user id is different than the school one. The home user id consists of three parts: part 1--S90 or S91; part 2: the school lunch number; part A sample student number will look like this: . The password is different for each grade. See the chart below for the passwords. A successful launch will take the student to LaunchPad which contains databases the county has purchased for the schools including Infinite Campus, Reflex Math, .

Student Passwords

KG: dekalbkk    
1st Grade: dekalb01    
2nd Grade: dekalb02  
3rd Grade: dekalb03
4th Grade: dekalb04
5th Grade: dekalb05

McLendon School Website (no password needed)

Mrs. Evi Reznick, Library Media Specialist May 25, 2017